Welcome to ACG!

Welcome to Aerial Content Group (ACG)!  Jason Minick and Albert Sarvis, ACG owners, met nearly 10 years ago and connected over their mutual interest in photography.  Jason built his career and business around photography/videography and Albert focused on it as a side business.  Over the years they collaborated on various commercial photography jobs through Minick Photography while Albert developed skills with small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS or Drones) as part of his career as a geospatial technology professor.  Soon after Albert earned his FAA Remote Pilot Certificate they began to discuss collaborating with aerial photography.  This discussion soon grew into the realization that by combining their core skills, photography/videography and geospatial analysis, they could provide a much broader range of services. ACG provides traditional commercial aerial photography and video, large aerial photo mosaics, 3D modeling/visualization, thermal imaging and a host of other drone services. Keep an eye on this page and the ACG website to get updates on projects completed and additional services offered.